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Thread Thumbnail by AddonsLab (Branding Removal)

Market Thread Thumbnail by AddonsLab (Branding Removal) 2.1.0

In this version, we have implemented detection of thread thumbnails from media embedded in the post. Supported media providers are Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Liveleak and Flickr.
If a thread does not have manually selected attachment as a thumbnail, its first attachment is used. If the thread does not have any attachments, images embedded in the posts are checked first and only if no images are found, media tags are checked.
Hello everyone,

here is a bug-fix version that solves proxy image bug when the images are linked from site's own domain. Now the product will not pass these URLs via proxy.php and will use them directly.
This is a bug-fix release that solves product compatibility issue with image proxy setting. From now on if image proxy is enabled the automatically detected thumbnail will use proxy instead of direct URL solving the SSL error and other related issues.
In this release we have fixed an issue in the product causing thread thumbnails to be squeezed if they are not square.

Now the images will keep their proportions and will be centered horizontally and vertically.
In this release we have implemented two new options. One of options allows to enable/disable the product fully in any forums. If disabled, no thumbnails will be used and XenForo default behavior will be kept. Another option allows disabling thread thumbnails for all sticky threads across the board.
This is a bug-fix release, that solves the additional queries caused by the product on thread list pages.
In this release, we have implemented a new option to set the number of posts in the thread to search for an automatic thumbnail. The option is one by default, so product's behavior does not change after installation and only the attachments and images in the first post are considered.

We have also implemented an option to limit the posts parsed to thread starter's posts only. This way only thread starter will be able to set the thumbnail but will be able to do so by just posting another reply containing the image/attachment.
In this version, we have added a new block in Rebuild Caches page allowing to rebuild thread thumbnails. This is required to trigger automatic thumbnails after changes in product's option controlling in which forums automatic thumbnails are enabled/disabled.

We are planning to implement an option to search several posts in the thread for a thumbnail instead of only the first post. The feature will be released in coming days.
This version enhanced the interface for enabling/disabling automatic thumbnails. Now admins can choose to enable/disable automatic thumbnails board-wide, as well as decide in which forums to enable or disable:

Another improvement is lightbox mode for images detected from post text.

The version also fixes several minor bugs reported.
This version implements automatic thumbnail option. If enabled in Admin Panel, all threads will automatically get a thumbnail based on the first attached image in the first post or the first image found in post's text itself.