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Thread Filter by AddonsLab (Branding Removal)

Market Thread Filter by AddonsLab (Branding Removal) 3.0.1

This is a stability-fix release where we handled a rare case of errors being shown on thread page and during search indexation. The error would happen only if in case you have created a field of single-selection type, created some threads with that field, and then delete the field from admin panel and created another one with identical ID but as multiple-selection type. This case is not supported by XenForo itself and an error would be shown on thread pages "Invalid argument supplied for foreach...". The reason is that XenForo expects the value saved for the field to be an array, but it is a string as it was saved at the time when the field was a single-selection field. Our product will handle this case gracefully now, converting the value back to array in runtime, so that field value is shown properly, and can also be indexed and searched.

If you have the issue described, you should rebuild thread fields after product installation at Admin Panel -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Thread Fields, and after that rebuild search index for the content type "Thread Fields".

The release also fixes a regression in UI introduced in version 1.9.0 which cased the filter form above thread list to be shown in one column instead of two.
This is a bug-fix release, which solves the issue of filter icon being shown in all XenForo pages and not only forum view.
This is a bug-fix release resolving some errors that customers may experience immediately after installation of the add-on when the information about the fields is not available yet (e.g. no custom fields configured yet).
This is a bug-fix that fixes the PHP error occurring when a user's search includes categories.
This version introduced two substantial enhancements - ability to filter threads by keywords and by tags. Both features are configurable and can be turned off in product's options. Keyword search can be configured to search in thread title only or both title and the content of the first post. Both fields support AJAX mode. In the background, XenForo search engine and the cache is used to filter the threads.

This release also fixes two logical bugs reproduced by our customers. One was causing empty search result page when searching all messages by a user. This scenario is more likely to happen when the user searched has a large number of threads created with many custom fields for each thread. Another problem would cause the search results to include threads that don't match single-choice custom field values entirely but only partially. As these fields are not entered by users in a free-form but the values are chosen from a predefined list, the expected behavior is an exact match of selected options, which is how it will work after the fix is applied.
In this release, we have optimized the product for the boards which use custom fields with thousands of possible choices.
This is a bug fix release, that solves the issue with filter form disappearing when Auto Reload is enabled and the form is above thread list.
This is a bug-fix version solving the issue with prefix selector not being available when the filter is shown in the sidebar.
This version implements a setting for admins to choose where in Filters form to show the custom fields. The possible options are:

Before "Prefixes"
Before "Started By"
Before "Last Updated"
Before "Sort By"
After "Sort By"

We have also fixed a fix for a PHP error introduced in version 1.6.1.
Important notification : If you encounter the following error in the old version
Error: Class 'AL\ThreadFilter\Xf2' not found src/addons/AL/ThreadFilter/Cron.php:14
Go to your administration page go to Cron entries Domain.com/admin.php?cron/
- And find cron (Thread Filter - Hourly Cron) Please delete it and proceed to upgrade the new update

v1.6.1 :
This is a bug-fix version solving the PHP error shown on RSS pages.