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Thread Filter by AddonsLab (Branding Removal)

Market Thread Filter by AddonsLab (Branding Removal) 2.6.0

The version implements an additional filter - "Discussion status", allowing to filter the threads based on their locked/unlocked status. A new option is added to allow the admins to decide which additional filters should be enabled (Locked/Unlocked status is the only choice for now) and decide where exactly these fields should appear in the form.

Another enhancement in this version is the ability to hide the prefix filter from the form, as an additional option for the setting "Disable default filter fields".
This is a bug-fix version that fixes the PHP error on the extended search form.
Hello everyone,

we are planning a major update of the product, that will include a new type of custom fields - Location and related tools. This custom field type will allow entering location-related information, optionally allowing to choose the country, state (if applicable), city, zip code, street address. This information will be stored in the database, and filters will allow searching/filtering by this information. Filter form will allow finding any items within X km/miles from a given address.

The update will also include other, less significant enhancements - filter threads by their open/locked status, filter by multiple prefixes, etc. If you have any suggestions for this major update please let us know.

The release will be made first for Thread Filter, but will later be rolled to be available for all other Filter add-ons we have developed.

The price for this add-on and other filter add-ons will be changed to 59.99 USD with 40 USD branding removal fee. The change applies to new purchases only, nothing changes for existing services.

Thank you!
The version fixes a PHP error caused by Elasticsearch 2.x incompatibility. Your installation is not affected by the issue if filtering brings any results with ES enabled. We have also implemented a new option to set Cache TTL controlling how long the results of the search should be cached in the MySQL database. Setting the option to 0 will disable the cache. The option should be used only to troubleshoot issues that could be caused by invalid cache.

Due to a limitation on how many items are returned by the initial search based on keywords (200 by default), their further filtering by category and custom fields could end up with a missing or incomplete list of found items. The issue is fixed now by raising the limit based on the option "Maximum result count" (10000 by default).
We have reproduced an XSS vulnerability in the product and applied a fix for. It is recommended for all customers to upgrade to this version.
The version fixes compatibility issues with UI.X themes, particularly thread custom fields not being shown on mobile view.

The new version is available for all customers at
The version fixes compatibility issues with UI.X themes, particularly thread custom fields missing under thread title and as a prefix.
  • Enhancement: Show "Clear All" link in the filter bar when there are active filters or sorting
  • UI enhancement: Show the label for numeric fields in active filter list in the mobile view
  • Bug-fix: Removing filters does not clear some configuration info for that filter in the URL
  • Bug-fix: Sorting by any custom field does not show the link to revert to the default sorting order as it does for default sorting options
  • Bug-fix: Sorting by a custom field requires "Allow Filter" to be active for the field.
The release fixes a bug with sorting by numeric fields. Threads with blank numeric fields will be excluded from result list instead of being listed on top when sorting the results in ascending order.

To apply the fix for all existing threads please run Admin Panel -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Thread Fields
Hello everyone,

This is a minor fix to show HTML-containing select field values correctly in the list of threads and in Active Filter block: