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Add-ons [2x] Redis Cache By Xon 2.7.1

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When using redis-sentinel HA, support 'server' configuration option being an array instead of a comma separated list
  • Work-around for buggy browsers failing to request css URLs properly
  • Remove "Disable individual css cache" option.
    • While the xf_css_cache table is subject to 'thundering herd' issues; it still provides a benefit during cache rebuilds and the frequent invalidation is a XF issue with it's usage
  • Implement short (~5 minute) caching of individual css templates & parse_less_color/parse_less_func functions (parse_less_func is from Advanced BbCodes Pack). Minor, but measurable performance improvement
    • When caching is enabled, this hits redis instead of the xf_css_cache table.
  • On Style changes, adjust expiry to keep redis memory usage from ballooning
  • Support for phpredis extension v5
  • Add options icon
  • Remove "Count Moderated Threads" option (caching should automatically be per-user now)
  • Simplify Thread list count caching to be more robust
  • Workaround for persistent connections and XF2.1 page cache feature causing login failures when using multiple databases in the same redis instance.
  • Track latest upstream Credis library
  • Update layout of master Redis server to match server environment report
  • Include free/peak/max memory usage in stats output
New option to default disable XenForo's individual templating css caching.
  • XenForo2 provides per-template css caching which is vulnerable to "thundering herd" cache slamming by introducing unexpected write load which is vulnerable to MySQL locking via insert ... on duplicate key update.
  • This is only an issue for sites which experience large numbers of concurrent users
  • The full CSS output is still cached by whatever caching layer is defined, which saves vastly more time than individual template caching.
  • Support zstd compression
  • New retry_reads_on_master option, when a read to the slave-redis instance fails (ie due to the redis instance still loading data), reads will fail-back to the master instance.
  • Confirm php 7.3 compatibility for pure-php redis connector
  • Compat bugfix for phpredis-v3 for exists() function. phpredis-v3 returns a bool, credis/phpredis-v4 return an int, this ensures all backend redis connectors return the same type for the exists function.