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Media Filter by AddonsLab (Branding Removal)

Market Media Filter by AddonsLab (Branding Removal) 1.3.1

This is a minor release, that changes the way the add-on is using some of our shared PHP classes. From now on, the add-on will require a core library package from Add-ons [2x] - [AL] Core Package to be installed. Please download the package and install it before upgrading the add-on. Please upgrade all other AddonsLab add-ons you are using to their latest versions if you see an error in the Admin Panel about files with unexpected content.
Hello everyone,

we are planning a major update of all our Filter add-ons. Please check the details we have posted for Thread filter add-on - Thread Filter by AddonsLab - Updates

The price for this add-on and other filter add-ons will be changed to 59.99 USD with 40 USD branding removal fee. The change applies to new purchases only, nothing changes for existing services.

Thank you!
The version fixes a PHP error caused by Elasticsearch 2.x incompatibility. Your installation is not affected by the issue if filtering brings any results with ES enabled. We have also implemented a new option to set Cache TTL controlling how long the results of the search should be cached in the MySQL database. Setting the option to 0 will disable the cache. The option should be used only to troubleshoot issues that could be caused by invalid cache.

Due to a limitation on how many items are returned by the initial search based on keywords (200 by default), their further filtering by category and custom fields could end up with a missing or incomplete list of found items. The issue is fixed now by raising the limit based on the option "Maximum result count" (10000 by default).
This is a bug-fix release the fixes the case of having incorrect results shown when two custom fields have identical values. As a result, the cache from the search results executed against one of the custom fields could be used when searching for the second custom field.
The default behavior of the product to search multiple values of the same custom field is to find any items which match to any of the options selected. For example, if a media item is created with the values of a custom field put as "option 1" and "option 2", and another media item is created with the same custom field having a value "option 1" only, then a user filtering the list checking both "option 1" and "option 2" in the form would see both media items in the results. With this update, we detect such cases and give users an additional selection field under the checkboxes allowing to change this behavior and find only the media items which have ALL instead of ANY selected options checked.

Also, admins are able to set if the default match type for a field should be "Match all options" or "Match any option". This can be set in add/edit field page, under the sector "Options for choice fields".

This version introduced two substantial enhancements - ability to filter media by keywords and tags. Both features are configurable and can be turned off in product's options. Keyword search can be configured to search in media title only or both title and the description. Both fields support AJAX mode. In the background, XenForo search engine and the cache is used to filter the media.

The version also has a stability enhancement fixing PHP errors logged in the Admin Panel in the cases when a bot or a user would intentionally supply filter values which don't exist in the choices of a multiple-choice field. The error would be generated due to the system trying to find the phrase for the option and resulting in "Undefined index..." error.

The version will require rebuilding of Media Fields search index from Admin Panel -> Tools -> Rebuild caches -> Rebuild search index (select Media Fields as Content type).
In this version, we fixed a PHP error when running the task "Rebuild Media Fields". We have also fixed the Optimize button being active in Enhanced Search configuration even after optimization.
In this release, we have optimized the product for the boards which use custom fields with thousands of possible choices.