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Link Checker for XenForo 2.x (Branding Removal)

Market Link Checker for XenForo 2.x (Branding Removal) 2.8.2

This is a minor release, that changes the way the add-on is using some of our shared PHP classes. From now on, the add-on will require a core library package from Add-ons [2x] - [AL] Core Package to be installed. Please download the package and install it before upgrading the add-on. Please upgrade all other AddonsLab add-ons you are using to their latest versions if you see an error in the Admin Panel about files with unexpected content.
In this release, we have implemented an option to send an alert to the starter of the thread when moving the thread to another forum.
The version fixes a minor UI issue with the "Check links" link under the post. It will not be included in the pop-up in the responsive view instead of being shown as a separate link.

We have also fixed the PHP error caused by some missing files during installation. This would only affect the customers who used "Install/upgrade from archive" instead of manually uploading the package. Now the package can be installed using the archive as well.
The update implements new search and replacement criteria. Now it is available to filter the tags only in the first post of a thread as well as to ignore the closed threads. You can now choose to close the thread in which the links are found or to move the thread to another forum.

Other minor UI fixes in the Admin Panel pages are also included.
This release fixes a compatibility issue with XenForo 2.1.x introduced in the latest version.
Fixes a bug in Admin Panel Manage Tags page:

RuntimeException: The entity handled by this page is expected to be XF:Thread
This release includes new filters in Batch Update and Rebuild Data pages allowing to target posts by forum and post ID, as well as the user ID who started the thread or created the post. The version has also a compatibility fix for XenForo 2.1.
This upgrade fixes a PHP error introduced in the last version.
This update fixes an issue for posts, which consist of links only, which are deleted in batch. The resulting post is an empty text (or a text containing new lines and tabs only), and XenForo fails to save this post back to the DB. The update makes sure, that, in case of empty post content the post gets deleted itself, instead of trying to save it with an empty message.
In this version we have implemented attachment validity check. Attachments added to post text can now be checked and will be reported as not found if the attachment with that ID does not exist any longer. XenForo 2.x removes the attachments from post text as soon as the attachments are deleted, but your board might have broken attachments since XenForo 1.x or broken attachments might be caused by mass SQL deletion of attachments or invalid imported data from another software.

In this version we have also fixed the bug with "403 Forbidden" links be considered as valid (as designed) but appearing in Moderation Queue as invalid. On installation the status of these links will be changed to "449 Retry With", and using Admin -> Tools -> Links -> Rebuild Data page you can targetly re-check these URLs, which will validate them again and remove them from the moderation queue. Just make sure to uncheck the checkbox "Enable Local Cache" to ensure the URLs are re-checked.

Another bug fixed is that in Rebuild Data page unchecking the checkbox "Enable Local Cache" had no effect and the cache was still used.