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[Iversia] FAQ Manager

Add-ons [1x] [Iversia] FAQ Manager 3.2.0

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  • Full FAQ with adding, editing and deleting
  • Question categories
  • 100% integrated with XenForo search
  • Upload attachments to FAQ entries
  • Let your users submit questions which can then be answered via the regular moderation queue
  • Sticky questions
  • Site members can Like answers
  • BBCode supported answer fields
  • Permissions for managing questions, managing categories, and liking answers
  • Custom BBCode for linking to specific FAQ entries: [faq=10][/faq]
  • (Option) Three different FAQ index layouts to choose from
  • (Option) Select top navigation tab position
  • (Option) Multiple sort options (alphabetical, submit date, view count)
  • (Option) Show answers on the same page (slide down), always open (same page), or a new page
  • (Option) Questions per page
  • (Option) Social media share buttons enabled per question
  • RSS feed for most recently added questions
  • Uses XenForo phrases for easy language translations
  • Three (3) included widgets for the Widget Framework
  • And more!
http://www.rpgfix.com/faq/ (Responsive Design)

  1. Upload files/directories underneath "upload" to your XenForo's root.
  2. Import the add-on XML using the add-on importer in your Admin CP.
  1. Set up the FAQ user group permissions.
  2. Start adding categories and questions to your FAQ.
  3. (Optional) Configure the add-on: "Home > Options > [Iversia] FAQ Manager."
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