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[DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce (Branding Free)

Market [DBTech] DragonByte eCommerce (Branding Free) 1.5.1

Update highlights

This version further improves the recently added functionality for the various criteria forms in XenForo by adding inverse user criteria for Created Products, Licenses Purchased and Amount Spent.

Multiple improvements have also been made to the layout thanks to @Liam W: Browsing the product list sees less wasted space, it is easier for mobile users to tap to navigate to the product information screen, and the default icon's alignment has been fixed.

Lastly, about half a dozen smaller bugs have been resolved.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Inverse criteria for Created Products, Licenses Purchased and Amount Spent
Change: Improve mobile usability by condensing the "Add product" buttons into menu items in the Overview, Category View, What's New (Products) and Author pages
Change: On narrow mobile screens, each product row now takes up the full width of the column
Change: Make it easier for mobile users to tap on the product in the product list
Change: The default icon is now better aligned when showing bigger icons
Change: Renamed "Outdated" phrase to "Update available"
Fix: Order reminder emails would still send after an order was completed
Fix: Fix a few database tables that were not changed on user content change
Fix: Purchasable type is now removed on uninstall
Fix: Certain information was not being logged in the Purchase Log when an order was reversed
Fix: Ensure order reminders are cancelled when the order is deleted
Update highlights

This version adds a new feature; a BBCode embed for products. You can copy a product's BBCode from its "Share product" widget on the product information page and paste it into any XF text box that supports BBCode.

The Commissions page has also been tweaked in order to make individual transactions easier to read, as well as fixing some display issues with negative amounts (e.g. chargebacks / refunds).

Lastly, about half a dozen reported bugs have been resolved.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Ability to embed products in posts
Change: Use a separate phrase for "Paid" (invoice) from "Paid" (product costs money)
Change: Reworked the "Applicable Payments" section of the "Outstanding Payments" page for Commissions to be easier to read
Change: Standardised the purchase log status phrases
Fix: XR Product Manager importer would not convert serialized fields correctly
Fix: Download chooser form did not respect download visibility state
Fix: Moving categories would not immediately trigger a permission rebuild
Fix: Fixed an issue where assigned products would not appear in the "generate licenses" list even after assigning someone as a Distributor
Fix: Fixed an issue where cancelled / refunded transactions would not correctly update the Commission value on the Outstanding Payments page
Fix: Fixed an issue where the Order Clean-up feature was not working as intended
Fix: Fixed an issue where the Order Reminder feature was not working as intended
Fix: Fixed an issue where the License Expiry Reminder feature was not working as intended
Update highlights

This update features some important changes in relation to VAT and PayPal.

If you sell your products via PayPal, and use accounting software like QuickBooks to manage your bookkeeping, it would previously have been difficult to utilise the VAT features in eCommerce while maintaining records in your accounting software. Transactions would either fail to import or be imported with incomplete data.

This happened because eCommerce would specifically tell PayPal how much sales tax to add separately to each transaction, bypassing any sales tax rates you set up in your interface.

There is now a new setting for controlling whether the order cost sent to PayPal is inclusive of tax. If this setting is turned off, PayPal will use the sales tax rates as defined in your PayPal account settings to apply sales tax.

If a valid VAT ID was added to the order, eCommerce will tell PayPal to not add any tax to the order, unless the person placing the order is from the same country as your business.
If both the seller and the customer is located in the same country, VAT should always be added and each party will be able to reclaim the VAT from the tax authority.

The next version (v1.4.0) will have even more updates with regards to VAT. The tentative feature list:
  • Sales tax ID will be stored in the address book, rather than the order. This means recurring customers won't have to keep re-entering their VAT ID every time they place an order.

  • If VAT is enabled in the tax settings, addresses with VAT IDs will be placed under moderation and appear in the "Approval Queue" in XenForo. You can then look up the VAT ID and see whether the user entered their correct business address.

  • A new user group permission will be added to allow chosen user groups to bypass the address moderation requirement, if you do not wish / need to use the address moderation feature.

  • If an address is under moderation, a notice will appear on the checkout screen letting them know they will still be charged VAT until the address is approved.

  • Addresses with approved VAT IDs will not be editable and customers will not be able to delete them from their address books. This is to prevent older order records from being rendered incomplete.

  • Addresses will become searchable / editable in the AdminCP.
The goal of this update is to ensure that your business is compliant with all tax authorities and their varying record keeping requirements.

I'm aiming to make the update as frictionless as possible for your existing customers. All past sales tax IDs will be imported into the corresponding address entries. The existing form field for entering a VAT ID during checkout will simply be changed to apply to the currently selected billing address, rather than the order itself.

As always, it's not possible to provide an ETA for this update.

Complete Change Log

Feature: Add new setting for controlling whether tax amount is included in the amount sent to the payment processor
Change: Update sales tax calculation to only exclude sales tax if VAT is enabled and the user is from a different VAT country
Fix: Fix product description not saving
Fix: Fixed an issue where add-on products would generate an alert if the user is watching the category
Update highlights

This release is a quick update to address an issue where visibility checks were not being performed for add-on products being displayed in the sidebar in the product view. This could lead to soft-deleted products, or products you have restricted permissions for, to still appear (albeit not purchasable).

To test whether this fix has resolved any issue you may be experiencing, ensure the dbtech_ecommerce_product_wrapper template is either not customised or that this line:
<xf:foreach loop="$product.Children" value="$childProduct">
now reads:
<xf:foreach loop="$product.Children" value="$childProduct" if="$childProduct.canView()">
And then try viewing the product page as a guest (such as via Incognito mode).

As part of the process of reviewing this issue, I also found minor optimisation possibilities that slightly reduced the amount of queries needed to generate the product view page.

Complete Change Log

Change: Reduced the number of queries needed to load the product view page
Fix: Fixed an issue where visibility checks were not being performed on add-on products before display on the product view page
Update highlights

After a short and sweet Beta period, it's time to go for Gold!

New in this release is the ability to control the display style for the "Top Products" and "New Products" widgets. The previous versions actually only displayed products as rows, but the default now changes based on your style preference of grid vs rows.
You can also force these widgets to display rows or grid regardless of your style preference, on a per-widget basis.

Based on feedback @ our site, we've changed the way the cart drop-down displays prices. Previously, this drop-down would display the base prices of an item. This was fine if there were no ongoing sales, but it was understandably confusing for potential purchasers to be told the product was on sale, then the cart drop-down showed the full price.
The price in the drop-down will now update with sales, automatic discounts, applicable sales tax, and (for physical products) shipping costs.

Lastly, a couple issues with the Sales system has been resolved.

If you want the full details on the initial v1.2.0 release, you can check it out here: DragonByte eCommerce 1.2.0b1

Complete Change Log

Feature: Added display style options for Top Products and New Products widgets (grid vs list vs auto)
Change: The cart popup now displays the calculated order total and calculated item price (including discounts, shipping costs and sales taxes)
Fix: Fixed an issue where the Sale emails would send to banned users and users who had a user state other than "Valid"
Fix: Fixed an issue where a scheduled sale would not activate correctly
Update highlights

Where do I even begin when describing this release?

With almost a dozen new features of various sizes and almost a dozen improvements to existing features, this is easily the biggest update to DragonByte eCommerce yet.

Perhaps the most pressing update is the change to the VAT validation API. We were previously using a free and open-source API, which has since shut down and has gone the "freemium" route, meaning you need to sign up @ their site to get a (very restricted) free API key, or pay monthly to receive less restricted access.

The old API was, as I mentioned, open source, so I worked on getting that set up on one of the servers DBTech owns. After some internal discussion, we decided that the best way to handle this would be to offer support for the new "freemium" API should you wish to sign up for their plan, and provide the old API as a fallback. The reliability of our API cannot be guaranteed, so if you need reliability and high volume access, you have the option of using the hosted solution.

Next up on the list of big features, thanks to one of our customers there is now an importer from Chris D's excellent XR Product Manager. The importer is still in Beta, as it hasn't been tested extensively or on a large database, but if you are thinking of making the switch you won't have to manually hand out a ton of licenses

For those interested in physical products, you'll now find the ability to mark an order as shipped, as well as the ability to download a shipping label you can include in your parcel. If you have a team of people shipping orders, you now no longer have to text each other to see which orders have shipped

Last on the list of major, noteworthy features is the addition of a new interface panel for uploading a logo that will be added to your invoices. Invoices always look more professional with a logo, so your store will now be up to 100% more professional!

Other than these major features, there have been multiple smaller changes including the ability to globally disable sales and coupons, ability to hide the sale / coupon / discount totals from the checkout screen if they don't apply to any given order, and more.

Feel free to have a look at the full feature list for more information.

Thank you to all our customers for your invaluable feedback, this release is for you!

Complete Change Log

Feature: "Mark order as shipped" for Completed physical orders in the AdminCP order log. This will (optionally) send a forum alert as well as an email alert, toggled per-order when marking an order as shipped.
Feature: "Download shipping label" for Completed physical orders in the AdminCP order log. This will download a PDF file (in landscape mode) displaying the business address, the recipient address and other relevant information regarding the order.
Feature: Coupons can now be globally disabled, preventing any existing coupons from applying and preventing administrators from adding new coupons.
Feature: A new setting has been added controlling whether the "Coupon discount" row is always displayed in the Sub-totals block during checkout
Feature: Sales can now be globally disabled, preventing any existing sales from applying and preventing administrators from creating new sales.
Feature: A new setting has been added controlling whether the "Sale discount" row is always displayed in the Sub-totals block during checkout
Feature: Added support for a logo to be added to the invoice, uploaded via a new UI in the AdminCP.
Feature: [Beta] Importer from XR Product Manager by Chris D
Feature: "Amount owed" is now displayed on the "Find outstanding payments" page, making it easier to see how much each person is owed.
Feature: Added ability to delete orders with status "Pending" or "Awaiting payment".
Feature: A new VAT validation API has been implemented.

Change: "Automatic discount" and "Store credit discount" no longer appear in the sub-total block unless they apply to the current order
Change: When downloading a PDF invoice in the AdminCP via the order log, any existing invoice is always overwritten
Change: In the PDF invoices, the "PAID" badge has been moved to below the product list
Change: Application logic for Orders and Store Credit in the AdminCP have been moved from the Log controller to their own separate controllers
Change: Renamed a few Admin templates to be in line with the above change
Change: Shipping methods now have additional validation checks during checkout, preventing race conditions where invalid combinations would happen
Change: The front-end display for purchasing add-ons to digital products has been improved, making it easier to see available options
Change: Attempting to apply an invalid VAT number now displays an error message to the user
Change: ttempting to apply a VAT number that is from a different country than the billing address now displays an error message to the user
Change: When the user changes their billing address for an order, the sales tax ID for that order is also reset

Fix: Fixed an issue where the link to an order in the Store Credit Log would attempt to launch the front-end view instead of the AdminCP view
Fix: Attempting to view pending orders without an address would cause a server error
Fix: Corrected the cell spacing for Shipping Cost in the PDF invoice when Sales Tax is disabled
Fix: The sales tax rate for physical products is now correctly calculated using the business' country rather than the customer's country
Fix: Deleting a review would not rebuild the ratings as intended
Fix: Fixed an issue where automatic coupons would generate a SQL error if the user's cart contained more than one copy of the same product
Fix: PDF invoice phrases are now always rendered in the language of the person who placed the order