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Contact Us Thread

Add-ons [2x] Contact Us Thread 2.2.0

No permission to download
  • Allow shadow-banning specific emails from using the contact form; AdminCP => Users => User discipline => Banned emails (Contact Us)
  • Change "Silently discard banned emails" default to false
  • Add option to discard banned emails (default enabled)
  • Support Multi Prefix multiple default forum prefixes
  • Do not double escape user's message
  • Fix "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" if a spam trigger record existed but had no details
Sunday at 3:55 AM
  • Do not run validation logic twice when sending the email
  • Fix "array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array" for XF2 2.0.3
  • Include XF1 => XF2 options migration code in installer