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Ads Manager by Siropu

Team NullXF Ads Manager by Siropu 2.3.10

No permission to download
Added admin option "Enable page info" that allows you to view the controller class, controller action, view class and the content template name of any page (to use in page criteria).

Added code ad option "Enable lazy loading" to load the ad after the page loads, when the ad container is in the view.
Added code ad option "Display without wrapper" to display code ads without any div tags around the ad.

XF Page criteria option "Content template is" now allows you to use multiple values separated by commas.

Bugs Fixed
Advertiser user groups admin option not working.
Added a new AdBlock detection option to display a dismissible notice. The notice can be styled via style properties.
Added support for Social Gorups add-on for main content template ad positions.

Bugs Fixed
Ad saving issue when trying to remove XF template syntax from the ad code.
Affiliate ad link issue with adding some parameters.
Added 4 new positions for conversation messages and 50 new predefined dynamic positions. Now there are 150+ positions to choose from. :)

Bugs Fixed
Affiliate link ads not working with "unfurled" urls.
Clone issue with some settings.
Issue with "Sticky any post" add-on on thread positions inside thread post.
Added a new position criteria option called "Thread author is the ad owner" which can be used with free packages to allow thread authors to display their own ads in their own threads.

Fixed an import/export issue.
Added a new option to affiliate link ad type that allows you to replace one or more parameters in affiliate links.
Fixed a bug where extending CPC/CPM ads not working as expected.
  • Added option to exclude posts of certain user groups from applying keyword and affiliate link ads.
  • Added three widgets:
1. Advertisers - Display the current advertiser list.
2. Featured threads - Display the current sticky threads
3. Featured resources - Display the current featured resources

Each widget has options for limit and order.
You can change the title of the widget from the widget options.
  • Added option to redirect AdBlock users to a custom URL.
  • Added options to set custom selectors for background ads when using custom styles that don't use the same classes as the default style.
Bugs Fixed
  • Advertiser page showing error due to a recent change.
  • Xnumber flag in position criteria not recognizing number 0.
Import/Export causign an error due to a new table field that hasn't been updated.

Incorrect getter name in new ad email notification, causing an error.

Other code issues.
  • "View count condition" and "Click count condition" time doesn't last as expected.
  • "View count condition" option not working when "View count method" option is set to "When ad is loaded".
  • Click fraud protection not logging clicks inside iframes.
  • Some other code issues.
Added option to preview most ad positions available
Added option to archive ads inactive for more than x days
Added option to set the maximum ad image size
Added option to enable advertisers page where you can view all active ads from advertisers

Various bugs and issues have been fixed.
This version fixes various code bugs and issues.

If everything goes well after this, Beta 5 will have the option to upgrade from Ads Manager 1.

It will be announced when upgrade option is available.