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[8WR] Discord Integration - BRANDING REMOVAL

Team NullXF [8WR] Discord Integration - BRANDING REMOVAL

No permission to download
This is a significant update. While it has worked great on my servers for the past two weeks, so have the previous versions, and people still reported issues. So please inform me of any problems.
  • A new "Discord log" has been added to the logs section of the admin CP. This log is mostly for debugging purposes. It will tell you what the bot is sending to and from Discord. This is a supplement to the already available user change logs in XenForo and Discord.
  • The way roles are sync'd to and from Discord have been completely re-organized.
  • If a role is set to D->XF, and a user leaves your discord server; they will now properly have their usergroup change revoked.
  • If you create a new role on your Discord, but you don't update your XF options to be aware of this new role, the system will now assume the role is set to "none" instead of dropping the role completely.
I've also theorized a possible "quirk". If you have a role set to D->XF, and a user has received the usergroup change... but then you change the role to XF->D, it would take TWO syncs for completely update a user. The first sync to eliminate the existing usergroup change, and then the second sync to properly apply the role changes.
This addon has been updated with support for XF2.1. XF2.1 will be required for this and all future updates.
  • GuzzleHTTP cURL updated
  • Real-time syncing of username/usergroup changes has been disabled. It can be re-enabled with a new option in the admin CP. This change was made due to possible rate limits being hit during mass usergroup promotions on large forums. Re-enable this option at your own risk.
  • Fixed an issue where post count numbers could be increased by 2 instead of 1 on new posts after they are sent to Discord.
  • Added an option to completely disable direct message alerts for conversations.
  • Thrown errors will now give a more verbose reason on why an error was thrown.
  • Built-in support for WidgetBot's multiple optional cluster shards. Because of Discord's API limitation, a bot can only be in 2500 servers at once. Well WidgetBot has become popular enough that it has reached this limit. In turn, WidgetBot has added five extra clones of their bot, and you can choose which one to use.
    • Also added support for their beta shard.
  • Added a user option to disable direct message/conversation alerts from the discord bot.
  • Fixed a phrasing bug with new invites to conversations.
  • The Discord bot will now send direct messages to users on Discord when they receive a private message on your forums.
  • Added a widget position to the right of the WidgetBot.io embed on the Discord index. You can use this position to bring the Discord user list widget back if you still want it.
  • Updated WidgetBot.io Crate to version 3. Unfortunately, version 3 (and v2) of Crate do not support dark/light style changing; so no matter what, you'll see a dark Crate box.
  • The Crate button will no longer show up on the Discord index.
  • BUG FIX: re-ordered some $parent calls so that XF functions will be called FIRST, and Discord bot posting will defer itself towards the end of the line in the execution chain.
  • BUG FIX: fixed an issue with XFMG media not correctly attaching the description.
If you are still having issues with a registration error:

XF\Db\Exception: MySQL statement prepare error [1054]: Unknown column 'discord_options' in 'field list' src/XF/Db/AbstractStatement.php:212
This is due to an upgrade step being skipped when upgrading the addon. I have no idea why this upgrade step as skipped for you, and so far no one else has been able to figure it out either. However, you can solve this step by running either of the two lines of code: (do not run both)

ALTER TABLE `xf_user_option` ADD `discord_options` BLOB NULL;
In Shell:
$ php cmd.php xf-addon:upgrade-step EWR/Discord 2012 1
  • Added support for WidgetBot.io integration and site-wide popup chat.
  • Added support for XenMedio bot-posting on new media and new comments.
  • Added support for XenCarta bot-posting on wiki page edits.
  • Fixed a bug related to threads which don't have authors/users, such as RSS posted threads.